Car Rental

If you don't want to buy an NFT car, RaceOnLife has a rental option. This is a more economical option that allows you to participate in races and other events on a car that is either no longer available for purchase or is too expensive on the market.
Every week, car owners can offer their NFT cars for rent for a week. If they want to provide their car for rent for several weeks in a row, they can activate the automatic renewal function and cancel it at any time before the start of the next week.
RaceOnLife provides for the possibility of buying and selling cars, as well as renting them. Car owners can offer their cars for rent and receive a percentage of the rental income in the form of $ONI tokens. This means that players who do not own a car but want to play for money can rent a car. While they play in the rented car, they transfer part of their income in $ONI to the car owner.