Overview of Vehicles

In RaceOnLife, each player has access to the following kinds of cars:
  1. 1.
    The main character's car, tied to his story. This car needs to be restored in memory of the grandfather and after that, participate in a special bonus race with it.
  2. 2.
    A car for participating in dynamic Race and Earn game events.
It's important to note! For each game mode, we create a unique NFT collection. The first collection, designed for the Football mode, includes cars with an individual customization system.
As we introduce new game modes, we will present the corresponding NFT collections. Each car in the collection will have unique characteristics for its mode, but can also be used for other racing competitions.
We plan to release up to 5555 unique NFT skins for each of the seven game modes.
  1. 3.
    A car for free movement around the island. Such cars are not associated with any of the released NFT collections and are not digital assets.
In addition to cars, players are given the opportunity to use motorcycles, bicycles, and electric scooters to explore the game world.

Car efficiency (CE)

Car Efficiency (CE) determines the overall performance of a car based on three attributes: acceleration, handling, and braking. CE simplifies the comparison of car characteristics to a single numeric value and provides a criterion for categorizing cars.
CE = Acceleration + Handling + Braking
The CE indicators of the cars participating in the championships will be balanced, before the start of the competition to ensure fair and balanced competition within the championship.