What is RaceOnLife?

Welcome to RaceOnLife - an exhilarating first and third-person game set in a photorealistic archipelago of tropical islands, interconnected by underwater tunnels, with total freedom of action. A game that prioritizes AAA graphics and gameplay while perfecting an economy model for a sustainable and fair gaming experience.
We're excited to integrate advanced technologies into our development process, including the thrilling capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.2, blockchain technology to support true asset ownership, and AI to augment user content.
RaceOnLife utilizes the Polygon blockchain technology to allow users to own parts of the gaming world, such as cars and motorcycles, with minimal Gas fees. This is achieved through NFT technology, which ensures the uniqueness and decentralization of game assets. We combine a standard gaming mode with a decentralized reward system where players own, control, and develop their assets.
RaceOnLife literally redefines the concepts of Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn, offering you a new gaming concept of "Race and Earn". Seven unique game modes provide a diverse and unique gaming experience:
  • Car football
  • Survival derby
  • Walk
  • Speed
  • Drift
  • Crown
  • Bomb
RaceOnLife is a competitive game where users interact and play in a unified environment. Together with the community, we create a game that is accessible to all and interesting to play. Thanks to AI-Web3 technologies and innovative game mechanics, we are developing and enhancing traditional game features, such as community functions, ownership of game assets, and the game mechanics themselves.
RaceOnLife is an opportunity not only to play but also to earn. We give players a chance to win real money while remaining fully transparent. You can spend time enjoying the tropical sun and racing on the tracks while earning money. Players can explore hidden sections, team up with friends, devise plans, and achieve victory.
You can download the game absolutely free, even if you do not have a purchased NFT from our collection or a cryptocurrency wallet. We have ensured that every player can immerse themselves in the gaming space, even without racing skills.
Install RaceOnLife and join our community on Discord and Twitter. Forward, to adventure!